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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Firetruck pull!

Today i drove my dad and brother up to my high school for a "firetruck pull" fundraiser. They just tie a rope to a big ass truck and have some kids pull it. I wanted to do it, but i didnt have a team. When i got there, I was offered to be on a team! But i had my fucking mandals on! Smh.


  1. mandals are not a disqualifier for being a man and pulling a truck with your teeth.

  2. mandals are always an excuse for things +follow

  3. I wear Mandals. Constantly. I prefer to call them 'Jesus Sandals'.

  4. Firetruck pull sounds cool. I've seen some on ESPN2

  5. Why would anybody want to pull a firetruck?! Where did they pull it to?